Spring at Rodman Studio

Hello all. You are now hearing in your mind the dulcet tones of the woman behind the curtain of Rodman’s social media. I will be bringing you news from the studio, pix of fresh pieces in sparkling colors, & words from the well-furnished noggin of Rodman.

Want the update? Ok here it is- Rodman has #ParkinsonsDisease. It’s well controlled by medication, & he continues to blow glass a couple of times a week. He is also just starting #immunotherapy for his now metastasized bladder cancer. We are delighted he qualified for this new treatment, since it has less side effects than chemo. He’ll get to keep his hair & that excellent beard!

Speckled Egg G&T tumblers. Custom colors available.

He’s recently started making G&T tumblers again, just in time for afternoon garden parties. I’m all over those speckled models. If a cool, bubbly summer gin & tonic with a twist of lime floating in it isn’t quite your thing, then please feel free to use these pretties for iced tea, water, wine, whiskey, sangria. We are selling these for a respectable (what per glass or sets price here). As always, custom colors are available. Rodman is taking the occasional nap these days, & in the studio a bit less, so if you are wanting glasses for spring or summer, do you let us know soon.

And let’s remember that Mother’s Day is SUNDAY MAY 12th. Are you nervous yet? Tell us the color or shape you are looking for, & we can skype, facetime, or just send pictures to help you choose even if you’re nowhere near our lovely Seattle studio.

I am going to do some interview style posts, covering topics of interest from Rodman’s past. Check back anytime, or subscribe if you want to know about new posts as soon as they happen. Best - Susan 👩🏻‍🦰

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