Glass Experience

Perfect for Teens!

1-2 people

$130 - 1 hr 

$230 - 2 hr

Are you curious about glassblowing? Looking for a way to entertain your offspring during winter break? Local master glass artist Rodman Gilder Miller is offering glass experiences for one week in February. 


Is this open to kids? Yes. Age 12 & over can blow glass, & younger kids are welcome to watch with the supervision of an adult.


Can you bring friends? Yes, however it’s a small studio. We don’t recommend more than 4 people total, so you won’t feel crowded.


Refreshments? Yes. Tea, coffee, soft drinks, small snacks provided. You are also invited to bring your own. 


You’ll meet in Rodman's Fremont studio, a densely packed man-cave stuffed with vintage lab equipment & obscure tools. He’ll teach you about the steps of making a piece, & the stations of the studio. Most glassblowers build their own furnaces, so feel free to nerd out over technical details. 


You’ll both talk about the piece you intend to make, & you’ll select some pleasing color. After that, just plug in your music, & begin to learn to dance with the glass.  


Interested in learning more about Rodman before you spend you spend a couple of hours in the same small room? He moved here 22 years ago, to teach at U of W. He’d been at the University of Calgery, teaching in the medical school. While there, he took a glassblowing class, & he loved it. He came out here, built his studio, joined the young Fremont Arts Council, the Fremont Chamber of Commerce, & proceeded to lobby for public art. Examples of his corporate work can be seen on the railing fence at the Wallingford Boys & Girls club, & the railing in front of the Fremont Starbucks. His most often seen public work is the Rapunzel, opposite the Elephant’s Child, on the Fremont Bridge. 


He is an alumnus of Cornell, & got his biology Ph.D. from UC San Diego. He spent the Summer of Love in CA, organizing, reporting, & marching for change. He did research in Geneva, Switzerland before moving to Calgary. His mentor was Frank Rosenblatt, the Cornell genius who did early research in perceptrons & neural networks. 


He was voted Best Fremont Citizen for 2016, by the fine local blog, He lives in Queen Anne in sight of the Fremont Bridge with his quirky wife, clever boy, & the world’s best dog. 


If you are interested in reserving a spot, please call or email